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Photos of Department of Education
Photos of Department of Education, State owned university, North Bihar

Anandam - Department of Education

State owned university, North Bihar

Department of Education

State owned university, North Bihar

  • Scope of Service

    Master planning, Architecture, Strcuture, Interior Design and Services, Landscape

  • Status

    Under Construction

Located at the esteemed Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University in Madhepura, Bihar, the Department of Education stands as a vibrant hub of progress. This thoughtfully designed building prioritizes universal accessibility and showcases remarkable features, including the university's largest library, a versatile multipurpose hall, spacious classrooms capable of accommodating 400 students, and efficient administrative facilities. The facade embraces a modern pixelated look, deviating from the conventional institutional design, presenting a simple yet captivating image. Sustainability takes precedence in this development, with solar power generation, rooftop rainwater harvesting, and the use of eco-friendly materials, demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility and a greener future.