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Photos of Birla Open School
Photos of Birla Open School, Darbhanga

Anandam - Birla Open Minds School

Sakri, Darbhanga

Birla Open Minds School

Sakri, Darbhanga

  • Scope of Service

    Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design and Services, Landscape Design

  • Status

    Under Construction

Birla Open Minds School in Darbhanga is a residential school that prides itself on having a green campus. The school features an auditorium, sports amenities, a multipurpose open space, and a play zone catering to different age groups and multiple sports. The plaza area serves as a transition between the natural surroundings and the built environment, offering seating arrangements around trees.

Additionally, there is a small building housing a café, library, and administrative zone, effectively segregating the movement of people within the campus.

The architecture of the building shown here represents the future expansion in Stage 02.